At Sharewell HDD, we don’t hold back on bringing you the most advanced and reliable tooling products. It’s what you should expect from the original downhole tool company in the horizontal directional drilling industry. From our top of the line Premium Smith Gemini HDD Bits and Reamers to our Lo Torque Hole Opener Cutters featuring cantilevered design, you can count on Sharewell HDD to perform job after job.

Sharewell HDD Products

Performance Focused Products

Gemini HDD Pilot hole bits, cutters, and reamers utilize Smith Bits’ 115 years of product development to deliver the most advanced material and design technology available today.

Smith’s SB product lines provide proven performance, durability, and reliability at value pricing. They feature field proven technology and have solid, dependable ROP and run times.

Sharewell HDD offers Lo Torque and Lo Torque X (LTX) Hole Opener Cutters to match the formation hardness of your bore. The Lo Torque Tungsten Carbide Cutter types range from medium to extremely hard rock formations. 

Sharewell HDD offers a full line up of mud motors specifically chosen for HDD applications. Our motors are selected to provide a balanced combination of the shortest length, highest torque and ideal RPM range for tri-cone rock bits. 

Sharewelll HDD offers the latest in PDC Bit and Reamer designs. Integral stabilization allows improved drilling performance and increased tool longevity. The modular design of DimondBack allows for component replacement and ease of repair.

Talon Fly Cutters are built for long-lasting service life with refurbishing capability, and have 18” of tong space on each end for multiple connection recuts.

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