Sharewell HDD offers Lo Torque X (LTX) Hole Opener Cutters to match the formation hardness of your bore.

The Lo Torque Tungsten Carbide Cutter types range from medium to extremely hard rock formations. Milled tooth cutters may be used in softer formations. Close attention to insert material composition of gauge, inner row and base areas of the cutters optimizes their performance in the wide range of rock conditions encountered in horizontal drilling. 

• Lowers drill string torque allowing small rigs to ream in rock formation

• Single tool body can open up to five different hole sizes

• Sealed journal bearing cutters are field replaceable while on drill string

• Unique slick body design decreases common repair costs associated with conventional reamers and hole openers

• Available in push or pull style bodies

• All cutters gauge protected for optimum wear resistance

Lo Torque X Hole Opener Specifications

Body SizeMinimum Pilot Hole# of
Body Weight (lbs.)Length (in.)ConnectionsOpening Range
LTX1010.5”385061”6 5/8 reg B x B22”24"26"28"
LTX1212.25”31,46261”7 5/8 reg B x B24”26”28"30"
LTX1820”31,91558"7 5/8 reg B x B30”32”34”36"
LTX18-420”41,96058"7 5/8 reg B x B30”32”34”36”
LTX24-526”52,05558"7 5/8 reg B x B36”38”40"42"
LTX30-532”52,57058"7 5/8 reg B x B42”44”46"48"
LTX36-638"63,17558"7 5/8 reg B x B48"50"52"54"
LTX42-644"63,39058"7 5/8 reg B x B54"56"58"60"
LTX48-650"63,90058"7 5/8 reg B x B60"62"64"66"
LTX48-750"73,95558"7 5/8 reg B x B60"62"64"66"
LTX54-756"74,25058"7 5/8 reg B x B66"68"70"72"

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