State of the art, highly accurate gyro specifically designed for HDD.

Sharewell HDD is proud to offer it’s newest guidance tool to the HDD industry, the Opti-Trac Gyro navigation system.

Designed to be compatible with customers standard bottom hole assembly, the Opti-Trac Gyro can be run in holes measuring 5 7/8” and larger. Special projects down to 3 7/8” pilot hole can be engineered and considered.

In addition to the Opti-Trac Gyro, each tool has the integrated magnetic ShareTracker system to provide secondary position confirmation.


• Fiber-optic north seeking gyro system

• Integrated magnetic ShareTracker system provides secondary position confirmation


• Gyro sensor unaffected by magnetic interference

• Reliable even in high-vibration environments

• Easy set up and transport, tooling ships in hard cases

• Runs in standard collars with standard BHA’s


• Surveying in densely populated urban areas

• Areas where use of secondary magnetic tracking is prohibitive

Opti-Trac Gyro Navigation Specifications

Technical Specifications
Outside Diameter2.125 ”
Length16 ft with pressure
14.75 ft without pressure
Weight104 lbs with pressure module
90 lbs without
Electrical Connection1-3/16 in. 12 tpi female
(standard wet connect)
Maximum Operating Temperature80°C
Pressure Rating12,000 psi (690 bar)
Survey Recording Time10-20 seconds
Survey Precision
Inclination+/- .10°
Azimuth+/- .20°
Toolface+/- .10°
Compatable With
Pressure ModuleAnnular
Retrievable SystemSharewell’s proprietary system allows for tool retrieval

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