Gemini® HDD Pilot hole bits and cutters utilize Smith Bits’ 115 years of product development to deliver the most advanced material and design technology available today.

Gemini® HDD’s design foundation is the Gemini Dynamic Twin Seal System that provides two precisely configured seals that protect the high load bearing and the primary seal.  This dual seal system allows the bit to perform for extended periods of time in high RPM, heavier WOB, high mud weight and severe adverse drilling environments.    

• The Spinodal 2 bearing has silver plated components providing maximum wear resistance that allow it to achieve longer runs at higher ROP and allows it to withstand extreme load forces for longer periods as well.   

• Smith’s IDEAS integrated drill bit design platform enables us to develop specific cutting structures that continually push the boundaries of performance and reliability while encountering the rigors of the HDD applications. 

• The Binary carbide gauge places wear resistant semi-round top carbide inserts between the primary gauge inserts to enhance gauge retention and durability. 

• The PSx2 feature offers strategically placed clusters of semi-round top (SRT) shaped carbide inserts that maximize leg protection, prevent bit wear, and substantially increase bit life in abrasive formations.  

Gemini® HDD Pilot hole bits are offered in TCI and MT configurations in the following sizes: 9 7/8, 10 5/8, and 12 1/4.

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