Save time & money on your next pilot hole.

Sharewell HDD’s new EM Wireless Magnetic Steering Tool can help you save both time and money by eliminating the need for wireline connections while still providing reliable guidance data. 

The EM Tool is paired with our magnetic tool allowing all data to be transmitted to the surface using an electromagnetic signal that transmits data through the formation up to the surface. You don’t have to waste time making wireline connections allowing you to reach your target much sooner.  

EM Wireless Magnetic Steering Tool Specifications

Technical Specifications
Tool Length15' 4"
Probe Diameter1.375"
Protective Housing Diameter1.75" x 30.0625"
Maximum Operating Temperature125º C
Battery Lifeup to 170 hrs.
Full Survey Time43 seconds
Short Survey Time18 seconds
Probe Accuracy
Inclination+/- .1°
Azimuth+/- .3°
Toolface+/- .1°

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